Testimonials from Students & Parents

Hi! my name is Corey Chung; I have been with Fernando's youth badminton academy for 2 years. Over these 2 years I have learned how to play badminton and all the different types of shots. I also enjoyed all of the different exercises and physical activity included. This was a wonderful experience and I will continue to attend Fernando's academy.

Corey Chung -2nd Year Student
Fernando’s Youth Badminton Academy


Fernando’s Badminton Academy is an amazing club that helps to improve your skills in badminton at any level. Our coach, Fernando, is very committed, hard working and a great motivator. He has inspired me a lot these past 2 years and helped me to become a more advanced badminton player. I am very happy to have joined this fun and exciting club.

Natalie Plociennik -3rd year student @ Fernando’s Youth Badminton Academy



Fernando's Youth Badminton Academy is a great place to learn the game of badminton professionally from a 'world class badminton coach' Fernando. He is a former national champion and has over 40 years of experience. This academy also uses world class equipment like the 'shuttle shooter' and the 'shadow trainer'. They have produced many regional champions.

Parent- N.Pereira



When children are involved in hands-on learning experience of Badminton through regular classes and training the impact is multi-faceted. I have witnessed it first hand in Fernando Badminton Coaching Academy where my daughter Neha improved her game and my son Piyush learnt the game from scratch. The students have a new connection with the game and a new understanding about what it is to be dedicated and focused. They appreciate the concept of the game, show a willingness to learn the finer points and a heightened self-confidence readily absorb and recall related information and display a wonderful appetite for more.
Every child is involved and given some level of success. Coach Fernando is very supportive, caring and enthusiastic. Maximum participation, Non threatening, individual student is well catered for.

Rakhi Prabhakar
516 Rossellini Drive
Mississauga ON L5W 1M4