Our Coaching Program

The Fernando'sYouth Badminton Academy coaching program has been designed in consultation with prominent coaches in Canada and internationally. The objective of the academy is to introduce students to badminton basic, intermediate and advanced level. The coaches will assess the current level of the student, their ability and their goals and train them to achieve their attainable levels in the years to come.

Our program emphasizes physical training elements, and includes the following:

  • running activities, shadow badminton, correct footwork, skipping, badminton drills
  • badminton strokes and skill development including playing matches/games
  • badminton theory lessons, and sports psychology
  • participation in internal and external badminton tournaments
  • International training for promising students

* On successful completion of the program, students will be awarded certification at different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Basic Level

The basic level is for students with little or no exposure to badminton. In this session students will learn the basics of badminton in a professional manner with fun activities. The correct grip, different types of services, overhead strokes, underhand strokes, basic footwork, badminton rules, scoring, basic shadow playing and respecting officials, opponents & etiquette in badminton. This session will enable the students to develop a love for the sport.

Junior Elite Level

This session is for advanced beginner/intermediate students. They will learn in addition to the contents of basic level, to hit the bird with some level of consistency. The students will learn techniques for various badminton shots such as clears, drops, smashes, net shots, lifts, defense and improve on footwork drills. This session will enable for students to play at school and regional level and determine whether the student enjoys the game and would like to go to the next level.

Senior Elite Level

This level is for high intermediate/advanced level of students. Here the students should be able to demonstrate and able to move and hit the bird with a high level of consistency. The students will be focusing on precision, speed, agility, stamina through conditioning. This session is targeted to more serious students who would like to go that extra mile in order to reach national/international standards.

Our Badminton Program Includes:

Respect & Etiquette:

  • Badminton etiquette and mannerism in and off the court.
  • Respecting officials, coaches, opponents & spectators.

Rules and Their Interpretations:

  • Type of play singles or doubles, and Mixed doubles
  • Serving and scoring, rules, court dimensions, badminton theory, sports psychology.
  • Faults- during service, receiving and play


  • Grip - forehand and backhand
  • Ready position
  • Movement in the court- "feet, body, arms, head
  • Service low/short, high/long, and flick
  • Clear/lob shot  offensive and defensive, overhead.
  • Drop shot
  • Drive shot  cross court and down the line
  • Smash/Jump smash
  • Block shot
  • Round the head shot.

Warm Up and Drills:
(Warm Up - stretching for flexibility and play preparation)

  • Stretch muscle slowly while standing and sitting
  • Swing the racket in a variety of movements
  • Shadow playing and skipping
  • Footwork drills simulating game movements
  • Quick, short sprints - forward, back, side, diagonal
  • Half court singles
  • Two to one games

Strategy and Tactics:

  • Offensive and defensive
  • Angle of return - cross-court vs. angle return
  • Serving
  • Receiving and returning the serve
  • Singles play vs. doubles - also mixed doubles
  • Study your competitor and adjust the game accordingly.